Video: Stephen Amell On The Arrow Episode 100 “Green Carpet” Video: Stephen Amell On The Arrow Episode 100 “Green Carpet”
Interview with actor Stephen Amell on the "Green Carpet" for Arrow Episode 100. Video: Stephen Amell On The Arrow Episode 100 “Green Carpet”

With the 100th episode of Arrow hitting the air on Wednesday, November 30, we have begun rolling out our interview videos from the “Green Carpet” event celebrating the milestone. While we ran some text of our interview with Stephen Amell before, now we are sharing the interview (with video!) in its entirety.

arrow2“The fact that this 100th episode took place during the crossovers allowed us to do stuff that we would never be able to do or justify if it wasn’t during the crossover,” Stephen said of some of the situations that we’ll be seeing in the celebratory event, which will bring past favorites like Susanna Thompson and Katie Cassidy back to the series. “All of the elements that come in with Supergirl, and Flash, and Legends, and time travel, and aliens… it gave us a chance to do something for Arrow that was basically like if the writers had a blank canvas and said ‘what could we do that would be fun?’ That’s what we do in this episode.”

lgn108a_0043raWhen asked which actor he was most looking forward to working with in the crossover, Stephen admitted that that person would be Victor Garber. “I have been a fan of Victor’s since I saw Titanic. Unbelievably, I did not know that he was Canadian, of which I’m ashamed of this fact. But we got to a number of a scenes together with the crossover, and he is as lovely as I anticipated he’d be,” Stephen enthused.

Stephen first landed the role of Oliver Queen nearly five years ago, and when asked how his life has changed during that time, he asked “How long do we have?”

Arrow Matter of Trust“On paper, this was ‘the job.’ An opportunity I would have to make my name and to make my living as an actor,” he reflected. “When I booked the job, I was dating someone and living in an apartment in Hollywood, and renting it, and five years later, I’m married with a beautiful young daughter and hopefully more kids at some point. I have to speak tonight, one of the things I get to talk about it is the crew and all of the things that I’ve had a chance to experience in the past five years. Ultimately, it’s been totally transformative. Everything from me professionally to me personally and spiritually and gray hair, and all that stuff. It’s been really something.”

S030G-701-ARW1-10-15And in going back to the beginning, and on the subject of hair, we have to wonder: When is Oliver Queen going to grow that Grizzly Adams-like mane that he sported in the pilot episode’s flashback?

“Don’t you worry about that, Craig. We’ve got that taken care of,” Stephen promised. “It’s a pitch that I made way back in Season 2.”

You can watch the entire video below. Apologies in advance for the sound quality; there was a failure with the external microphone. Arrow Episode 100, part of The CW’s four-show “Invasion!” airs November 30. Follow @GreenArrowTV on Twitter for updates when more interviews are being posted!

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