Katie Cassidy To Join Marc Guggenheim At “In Any Lifetime” Book Launch Event Katie Cassidy To Join Marc Guggenheim At “In Any Lifetime” Book Launch Event
Katie Cassidy will be joining Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim for a book launch event for In Any Lifetime. Katie Cassidy To Join Marc Guggenheim At “In Any Lifetime” Book Launch Event

Arrow showrunner and co-creator Marc Guggenheim has a new book coming out… and he’s recruited a Canary to help him promote it!

In today’s LegalDispatch Substack newsletter, Guggenheim announced two launch events to promote his new novel, In Any Lifetime. Here’s how the book is described:

A devoted husband defies fate and risks everything to find the one universe where his beloved wife is still alive in this bold and thought-provoking novel. Dr. Jonas Cullen has spent his career as a groundbreaking physicist defying the odds. But on the best night of his life—the night his wife, Amanda, tells him they’re finally having a baby—everything is taken away when a tragic car accident claims the lives of Amanda and their unborn child. Gutted by pain, Jonas sets out to find a way to bring back Amanda—or rather, find a parallel universe in which she’s still alive. But that’s easier said than done. As Jonas comes to understand all too well, the universe favors certain outcomes…and Amanda’s death is one of them. Guggenheim’s novel takes readers on a suspenseful journey, intercutting scenes of Jonas’s frantic, present-day search across multiple realities with glimpses from the past of his unfolding romance and eventual marriage. Will Jonas and Amanda reunite in some other world, or will fate succeed in taking her from him forever?

As we were saying (though if you’d like to pre-order a copy on Amazon.com, by all means, do it and you can read the rest of the post after you order a copy…) Marc’s West Coast book event is on Sunday, August 3 at The Grove in Los Angeles and joining him for a conversation is none other than “Laurel Lance” Katie Cassidy! You can purchase a ticket to the event here, and then once you’re in you get the bonus of meeting them! Sounds great, right? Who knows, maybe we’ll hear some tales of the Green Arrow and the Canaries stories we weren’t able to get.

If you’re on the other coast, in New York, you can see Marc Guggenheim in conversation with noted Star Wars writer and top-tier bookselling author Charles Soule at Bibliotheque at 54 Mercer Street. Tickets for that event can be purchased here; you can see the flyer for the August 1 event below.

Let’s get Marc to the top of the pre-order list by ordering In Any Lifetime today!

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