Tonight: New Arrow! More Huntress! “Vendetta!” Tonight: New Arrow! More Huntress! “Vendetta!”
Arrow is new tonight with an episode called Vendetta. Tonight: New Arrow! More Huntress! “Vendetta!”

Okay, Arrow-heads, it’s that time again… new Arrow tonight!

Tonight we get Part 2 of the Huntress 2-parter, and this one is called “Vendetta.” Will it be a super hero team up or a tragedy? Guess we’ll have to see…

The Countdown/Live discussion thread for the episode is already open on our forum, and after the show, hopefully you’ll come by to talk about it.

If preview images are more your thing, here’s a whole gallery.

The episode airs at 8PM (ET) on The CW and at 7PM in Canada on CTV.

Here are some other extras associated with the episode that you may enjoy:

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