Arrow Episode 8 “Vendetta” Promo Trailer Screencaps!

Craig Byrne November 29, 2012 Comments Off on Arrow Episode 8 “Vendetta” Promo Trailer Screencaps!

On December 5, we get more Arrow/Huntress action, as seen in the promo trailer…. now, thanks to Mr. Video, we have some screen captures from that trailer as well!

Here are 44 reasons why you should tune in next week, on another installment of Love, Vigilante Style… I mean, Arrow. The episode is called “Vendetta” and you can read some spoilers here.

If you like the screen grabs and would like to share them, please just send them to this site rather than copying onto you own sites/Tumblr blogs/etc. Thanks!

(The spotlighted screen grab at the top left is for all of the “Chlollies” who used to be part of my life)


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