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If you followed our Smallville site, KryptonSite, you might remember the dedicated spoilers page detailing what is known or rumored for upcoming episodes.

Now, it’s time for an Arrow spoilers page on GreenArrowTV! The purpose of this page is to collect known spoilers for the Arrow television series airing in the United States on The CW, but keep in mind that plans and details sometimes change. GreenArrowTV never intends to ruin the show by having a spoilers page. When new spoilers are known, we’ll try to update this site as often as possible. Please do not reproduce spoilers and content from GreenArrowTV; instead, just place a link to the site.

Episode #3.10: “Left Behind”

Air Date: January 21, 2015

- Oliver Queen is dead, it appears! This arc will explore what happens when Team Arrow, Laurel and everyone else are “left behind.”

Episode #3.11: “Midnight City”

Air Date: January 28, 2015

Episode #3.10: “Uprising”

Air Date: January 21, 2015

Episode #3.13: “Canaries”

Guest Stars: Caity Lotz

- Peter Storare returns as Count Vertigo, and you can’t have an episode called “Canaries” without Caity Lotz in some form, right?

Episode #3.14: “The Return”

Guest Stars: Manu Bennett (Slade Wilson)

- With a title like that, could it be when Oliver Queen returns? UPDATE: NOPE. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim says the title does not refer to Oliver Queen or Slade Wilson.
– The 60th episode apparently also features a guest appearance by Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn… we’re assuming, again, in flashback form.

Other Spoilers

Laurel will put on a Black Canary costume! Take a look at some photos!

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