Stephen Amell Is Returning To The Arrowverse! Stephen Amell Is Returning To The Arrowverse!
Stephen Amell discusses his return as Oliver Queen for The Flash Season 9. Stephen Amell Is Returning To The Arrowverse!

Three years after Oliver Queen “died,” Stephen Amell is returning to the “Arrowverse” that he ushered in. Last week, it was announced that Stephen will be returning for the ninth episode of The Flash Season 9 – the show’s final season – and the episode, which will be directed by Danielle Panabaker, has several other guests including Oliver’s crimefighting partner John Diggle/Spartan as played by David Ramsey for all eight seasons of Arrow.

It’s a bit unclear what form of Oliver Queen Stephen will be playing, as Flash showrunner Eric Wallace only referred to him as “Oliver Queen” in his press statement.

Stephen excitedly shared a video with fans about why he is returning for The Flash’s final season.

“I’m coming back for the ninth and final season of The Flash,” he shared on Instagram

“Why? Doesn’t matter. How? Doesn’t matter. Greg Berlanti called me up, and he said, ‘The Flash is ending. Would you like to…’ and I said, ‘Yes! You don’t even have to finish your sentence.’ I have always, always loved coming over — as Oliver Queen, Green Arrow, Spectre, a Nazi, the Flash, you name it — to The Flash. I love the cast. I love the crew. So, for Greg Berlanti, thank you. For Eric Wallace, thank you. For Grant [Gustin] and Candice [Patton] and Danielle [Panabaker], who’s directing, and the rest of the cast, thank you for having me. Don’t ask me any more f****** questions about it. Just tune in when it airs later this year.”

You can see his video below.

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