GATV PaleyFest Interview: Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Season 5 GATV PaleyFest Interview: Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Season 5
GreenArrowTV interviews Stephen Amell about Arrow Season 5 on the PaleyFest red carpet. GATV PaleyFest Interview: Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Season 5

Arrow actors Stephen Amell and David Ramsey were joined by Executive Producers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle last weekend at a special “Heroes & Aliens” panel at the 2017 PaleyFest sponsored by the Paley Center for Media. Before that, those Arrow talents participated in interviews in a “red carpet” style setting.

A huge treat for GreenArrowTV was the chance to have one of our longest one-on-one interviews with the man who brings us Oliver Queen, Stephen Amell. Tonight’s episode “Kapiushon” looks to be a brutal one for the actor, and it looks like an intense experience for viewers as well, all in good ways. We spoke with Stephen about that episode and also about other current and future facets of the Arrow world. You can watch the video at the end of this post, or, you can just read it in text form. Enjoy, and if you like this interview, check out all of our Arrow interviews on YouTube!

GREENARROWTV’s CRAIG BYRNE: How has this season changed now that Prometheus is out in the open?

STEPHEN AMELL: I think it’s become a lot more dynamic. It’s been really cool seeing everyone respond to Josh [Segarra], who was kind of like the D.A. and everyone was like “ahh, what’s he up to?”

A lot.

I really like that. A lot of people are talking about him like “he’s the coolest villain that we’ve seen since Slade.” They haven’t even really seen the full blossom of his villainous rose yet, which we really do get to see on this week’s episode.

What else can you tease about “Kapiushon?”

The toughest episode that I’ve ever had to film, both physically and emotionally, that didn’t involve a major character death. I hurt my back a bunch. Here’s the coolest thing about this episode, and people that are over 20 years old will get this, or fans of Rocky in general: The fact that I get to have an all-out brawl with Dolph Lundgren is not the part of the episode that excites me the most. The fact that that is true, it speaks well to this week.

Are there any characters or actors you would like to see returning to the series at any point?

I’d like to see Manu [Bennett] come back. I’d like to see more of Lexa [Doig]. I thought that the arc that we did with Katie Cassidy and Black Siren was awesome, and I would love to see more of that. I am very partial to Oliver’s storyline with his son, and with Samantha, so that would be cool. I could go on and on. I always want people to come back. Once someone resonates with viewers, I always want them to come back.

There’s an episode coming up called “Honor Thy Fathers.” Can you tease anything about the “fathers” that may come into play?

Sure. It’s a lot about Justin Claybourne, who is Adrian Chase/Simon Morrison’s father, and Robert Queen.

Is there an actual Adrian Chase out there somewhere?

[Laughs] I don’t know. That’s a good question.

It’s a trick question.

I get it. Because Adrian Chase in the comics is Vigilante. There’s probably not another Adrian Chase.

Can you talk about how Oliver’s going to respond to this mess that Felicity is getting herself into with Helix?

There’s an episode coming up – I think it’s Episode 19 – I forgot the name of it right now, but it really could be called “Team Felicity vs. Team Arrow.” They’re both after the same thing – spoiler alert: It’s Chase – but she’s going about it via Helix and Team Arrow is going about it via Not Helix. Felicity’s running point for her side, and Oliver’s running point for his side, and it sets up a very, very interesting dynamic that we really haven’t seen from them all year, and it starts to bring a lot of the stuff that – I don’t know that people have been waiting for, but a lot of the reasons that they have been very regimented towards one another is starting to come to the surface in that episode.

Arrow OlicityDo you think Oliver and Felicity will have a better understanding of each other once all is said and done?

I think Oliver and Felicity have a very good understanding of each other right now. I think that our viewers get a better understanding of why they are the way that they are.

Can you talk about the addition of Juliana Harkavy as the new Black Canary/Dinah Drake and what she’s brought to the show?

You mean Dinah Drake?

Juliana has been great. She’s proven thus far that she can carry an episode, and that she can also be a tremendous supporting piece to an episode. It’s not easy to come in… I remember she came in, in maybe episode 11, and that’s ostensibly her episode, and it reminded me a lot of what Grant Gustin did when he came in as Barry Allen in our eighth episode in the second season, where you’re a guest, but you’re really working the most in an episode. I thought she put herself really well, and I like that they’re playing the slow burn with her character.

Speaking of a slow burn, the flashbacks are finally going to be done for the most part this year. Are you excited to be past that?

I’m excited. I’m excited that we got to play the story out. I’m excited for the conclusion. I’m also excited that we’re going to have eight additional minutes per episode to devote to something else; you know what I mean? And I mean that both from a storyline perspective, and a “getting more sleep” perspective, because I’m just assuming that often times it will be other characters.

Are you hoping that Oliver is able to stay as Mayor of Star City?

Yes. I’m really, really enjoying that. Oliver as Mayor has been some of my favorite stuff this year. It gave us the opportunity to do an episode like Episode 13 “Spectre of the Gun” which certainly provided the highest level of feedback that we’ve ever had for an episode. Some people loved it, some people hated it, a lot of people appreciated it, but I don’t know that we can do something like that if we didn’t have Oliver in the Mayor’s office.

Do you think Oliver would be able to continue as Mayor if he outed himself to the city as the Green Arrow?

Probably not.

Have you heard much about the season finale, and is there anything you can tease?

The season finale, we basically have to shoot the entire thing on location.

What do you have to say to the fans who are watching this video or reading this interview?

Thank you for sticking with us. Five seasons in, four PaleyFests in. I think that we have the stuff in place for a nice, long run.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT on The CW. Don’t miss a new episode “Kapiushon” airing TONIGHT (March 22!)

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