Arrow: “Inside: The Sin-Eater” & Preview Clip Arrow: “Inside: The Sin-Eater” & Preview Clip
Preview clip & "Inside" video promoting the Arrow episode "The Sin-Eater" airing February 22 Arrow: “Inside: The Sin-Eater” & Preview Clip

A new episode of Arrow is on tonight at 8PM ET/PT on The CW, and it features the return appearances of Cupid, China White, and Liza Warner!

The episode is called “The Sin-Eater” and The CW has released an “Inside” video as well as a preview clip. Official photos from the episode can be found here.

First, here’s the “Inside” video with Wendy Mericle and some previously-unseen clips:


And then there’s this preview clip. Amazing how good their hair and make-up looks in a situation like this.

Craig Byrne

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