Arrow EP Reveals Details About New Character “Tina Boland” Arrow EP Reveals Details About New Character “Tina Boland”
Details about the new Arrow character "Tina Boland" have been revealed, including a tie to DC Comics. Arrow EP Reveals Details About New Character “Tina Boland”

There’s a new character named Tina Boland that is supposedly first glimpsed at the end of tonight’s new episode of Arrow, titled “Who Are You?” She’s played by Juliana Harkavy of The Walking Dead fame, and got some scoop from Arrow Executive Producer Wendy Mericle with some details of what she may be like:

“She’s going to factor into the back half of the season,” Mericle told CBR in a full interview that you can find here. “She comes into the story in a really interesting way. She’s like Oliver, has lost somebody and is hellbent for revenge. She is an amazing fighter. She has a lot of skills, and she’s very much a peer of Oliver, so they have an instant connection since they’ve both been through a version of hell. It’s ultimately him that’s going to show her a different way to do this — a different way to get revenge than just killing people.”

The article also dropped a major clue from Mericle about how she factors into the larger DC Comics universe: “We’re going to reveal her to be somebody very much connected to the comics,” she says.

Black_CanaryThere has been a lot of speculation among the Arrow fandom that a new Black Canary is coming, and even further than that, it has been rumored that someone who is not Laurel may be using a “Canary cry” tonight. We may find out in a few short hours who this mystery woman may be… but could it be? And if yes, how might the Arrow fandom react? After all, the producers have said it’s hard to do a Green Arrow show without a Black Canary.

Whoever she may be, her function on Arrow sounds a bit like what Oliver learned from Helena/The Huntress in early seasons of the show, so maybe there’s a tie there. Or could Harkavy be playing “the actual, daughter of the Sportsman Artemis” since Evelyn went all bad on everybody?

We shall see! Heck, we’re still wondering if “Tina Boland” is a code name for something else we’ll find out later..,

See photos from tonight’s new Arrow here. The episode airs at 8PM January 25 on The CW.

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