The Arrow Season Finale: Who Died? The Arrow Season Finale: Who Died?
GreenArrowTV analyzes the Arrow Season 5 finale "Lian Yu" to determine who made it out alive. The Arrow Season Finale: Who Died?

Warning: SPOILERS for the Arrow Season 5 finale “Lian Yu” are being discussed within. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and read this article after you do.

The fifth season finale of Arrow has now finished on the East Coast, leaving us to wonder about the fates of several favorite characters throughout the summer. Who made it out alive?

Sadly, we don’t know. But we do have some educated guesses:

Malcolm Merlyn — We could assume he went BOOM! when the mine exploded, though we didn’t see it happen and haven’t seen a body. However, John Barrowman had let it slip at a convention that he will not be back for Season 6, so he’s likely gone. But then again, let’s recall that he was “killed” on the Arrow Season 1 finale as well. (Captain Jack has a way of coming back to life, what can we say?)

Captain Boomerang — He was there when Malcolm went “boom.” Assuming they didn’t get away, Digger Harkness is toast.

Konstantin Kovar — He’s been dead for over 5 years. Rewatch and you’ll see his body on the island.

Adrian Chase — Dead. Screw that guy. (But don’t screw Josh Segarra who did a great job playing him.)

Everybody Else — Just in time for The CW to have their own Dynasty, Arrow is having its own “Moldavian Massacre” as the island exploded. Who made it out alive (if anyone)? We know Katie Cassidy (Black Siren), Rick Gonzalez (Wild Dog/Rene), and Juliana Harkavy (Dinah Drake) are series regulars for next year, so we’re assuming they’re safe, unless that news was a fake-out. Fan favorites Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) and David Ramsey (John Diggle) are assumed to be safe and continuing as series regulars, as is Paul Blackthorne whose character is due some interactions with his other-worldly daughter. Maybe they all got off on the ARGUS ship before everything went kablooey? Maybe Black Siren helped them, thus setting up a redemption arc? We’ll see.

Basically… we know as much as you do. But, watch GATV’s Arrow Spoilers Page this summer for updates when and if they come out. The Comic-Con trailer will certainly be interesting to see, if they don’t want to give away who might be returning… either that, or Season 6 will be Oliver and his son William saving the world alone…

Stay tuned.

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