The Arrow Episode #5.21 Title Is A Throwback The Arrow Episode #5.21 Title Is A Throwback
The title of Arrow Episode #5.21 hearkens back to Arrow Episode 2. The Arrow Episode #5.21 Title Is A Throwback

The 21st episode of Arrow Season 5 has a title that is a throwback to the second episode of the series.

As revealed by Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim on Twitter, Episode #5.21 of the series is called “Honor Thy Fathers.” For those of us who might not remember that far back, Episode 2 of Arrow was called “Honor Thy Father.”

Whose fathers may come into play? Oliver’s, Talia’s, Adrian’s… maybe Quentin Lance or even someone like Helena’s father or Felicity’s dad The Calculator might come into play too; who knows. Maybe even Shado’s dad, or that father of Thea and Tommy who’s causing drama over on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Lots to speculate about.

Guggenheim wrote the episode with Sarah Tarkoff; directing the episode is Laura Belsey.

Craig Byrne

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