Team GATV Roundtable: Looking Back At Arrow Season 5 Team GATV Roundtable: Looking Back At Arrow Season 5
The GreenArrowTV team looks back at Arrow Season 5 in a roundtable discussion. Team GATV Roundtable: Looking Back At Arrow Season 5

Arrow ended its fifth season with a bang, and before we get to Season 6 in less than two months, the GreenArrowTV team has reunited to do a roundtable discussion about Season 5! It’s been a six months since our last roundtable, so it’s good to be back!

For those who haven’t read our roundtable discussions in the past, the long and short of it is that we discuss what came before as well as what we hope to see in the future season. Past roundtable posts can be found here.

This time around we’ve got GATV webmaster Craig Byrne; Matt Tucker, who recaps and reviews Arrow when he’s able and  is the driving force behind keeping DaredevilTV well up to date; and Stephanie Hall, who has most recently been recapping Blindspot at KSiteTV.  Again we are joined by frequent GreenArrowTV commenter and poster at the KSiteTV Arrow forum as “BkWurm1,” Melissa Thompson, who was here for our winter roundtable.

Arrow returns Thursday, October 12 on The CW; spoilers can be found here.

Also be aware that especially in the sections discussing Season 6, there will also be spoilers. Navigate below to start!

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Craig Byrne

Craig Byrne has been writing about TV on the internet since 1995. He is also the author of several published books, including Smallville: The Visual Guide and the show's Official Companions for Seasons 4-7.