Arrow: “Suicide Squad” Preview Clip

Preview clip for the Arrow episode Suicide Squad

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Arrow Preview Clip Screencaps: John Diggle Meets The “Suicide Squad!”
The clip itself doesn’t appear to be online yet, but Mr. Video has come through yet again with screen captures from an upcoming Arrow episode’s preview clip. The clip in this case is for this Wednesday’s episode “Suicide Squad,” and it features John Diggle (David Ramsey) meeting the group... Read more
Arrow #2.12 “Tremors” Recap & Review

A big Roy-centric episode changes up the status quo, but exposes this season’s clutter and scattered focus.

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Arrow #2.10 “Blast Radius” Recap & Review

The debut of an uninteresting villain is outshined by the continuing machinations of an established one, in an episode that’s mostly interested in the long game.

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Another Firefly Alum Will Guest On Arrow This Season

Sean Maher will guest star on the tenth episode of Arrow Season 2.

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