Stephen Amell Drops Arrow Season 5 Scoops – Including A Character’s Return Stephen Amell Drops Arrow Season 5 Scoops – Including A Character’s Return
Stephen Amell revealed some Arrow Season 5 scoops in a Facebook Live video. Stephen Amell Drops Arrow Season 5 Scoops – Including A Character’s Return

Stephen Amell has been working out in anticipation of Arrow Season 5 filming in a few weeks, and he used that workout time recently to do a Facebook Live Q&A with fans. While there, he dropped some Season 5 scoops – including news that we may see a long-absent character’s return!

Here are some highlights; you can watch the video itself below.

– James Bamford (“Brotherhood”) is directing episodes 501 and 502 of Arrow.

– “Episode 501 of Arrow has an opportunity for us to quite literally have the most, violent one shot – which is one cut – in the history of network television,” Stephen says. He insisted that it is himself and not a stunt double doing the sequences. James Bamford said fine… but he has to do it shirtless.

– Stephen lost something “in the area of 20 pounds of muscle” over the break, so he’s working out hard over the next weeks.

– “If Arrow Episode 501 is any indication, Arrow’s gonna be f—ing mean this year, pardon my language, and that’s really exciting,” Stephen enthuses.

– “We’ll be getting another new Arrow suit this season…. or, at least, a slightly modified version,” Stephen says.

– On The Flash doing Flashpoint, Stephen says “That’s sick. That’s really cool!”

Birds of Prey– “We do get to see someone that we haven’t seen in two full seasons” in the season premiere, Stephen says. Anyone want to make any guesses? The Huntress? Walter Steele?

– What about Olicity? “What about it?” he says.

– Is Flashpoint going to affect Arrow? “I don’t know. It certainly could,” he says.

– There will be a crossover event for the various DC shows this Fall, but Stephen is not sure which characters will be in play.

– How long could Arrow go? “Originally, there was a five year plan, but that relates purely to the flashbacks. I’m contracted for a few more years,” he says.

– The Arrow won’t necessarily be evil next season, but he’ll be a little meaner.

– Will Black Canary be in Season 5? “The idea of Black Canary and what it means and what it embodies in Star City is something that we are going to examine this year,” he teases.

– Stephen Amell’s new salt and pepper hair will apparently make an appearance in Arrow Season 5. He shaved his head at the end of the season and it “inexplicably” grew back gray. “I kind of like it, actually,” he says.

– Heroes & Villains will have a special convention in Orlando on September 17 to benefit the survivors and the families of the victims of what happened in that city several weeks ago. Follow Stephen’s Facebook page for updates on that.

– One word to describe Episode 501: “Legacy.”

You can view Stephen’s Facebook Live video here.

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