“Penance” Will Be A Big John Diggle Episode “Penance” Will Be A Big John Diggle Episode
David Ramsey offers clues on what's coming for John Diggle in Arrow Season 5, including a new helmet. “Penance” Will Be A Big John Diggle Episode

It seems that we haven’t had a whole lot of spoilers regarding the John Diggle character (David Ramsey) in Arrow Season 5… fortunately, David Ramsey attended the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest convention this weekend and offered some new hints: Starting with an upgrade for Diggle’s helmet. (No more Digneto?)

“I get to wear the new helmet, and I peed a little. Right in my leather pants,” Ramsey joked. “You can finalle see Diggle. I told the producers, the only black guy on the show you give a helmet to and you can’t see his face.” Ramsey also revealed that the helmet can do some cool things. “It can do stuff! I know it can see far away. I’m not quite sure if it could see theough walls,” he said.

The new helmet is said to make its debut in the fourth episode of Arrow Season 5, which is titled “Penance.” “It’s a very big episode as far as how Diggle comes back and the help he gets,” Ramsey said. “He’s glad to be back, but there are some surprises.”

“When he returns, he returns to a new team, and he’s gonna have something to say about that because he feels a certain way about getting these new recruits back into the field. There’s a very interesting way he comes back and that story is very intricate,” he teased.

Arrow Season 5 premieres October 5 on The CW.

Craig Byrne

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