Next on Arrow: Prepare For An “Invasion!” Next on Arrow: Prepare For An “Invasion!”
Arrow returns November 30 with Part 3 of a four-show "Invasion!" crossover. Next on Arrow: Prepare For An “Invasion!”

After tonight’s airing of “Vigilante,” we got a trailer for what’s coming next – a four-show crossover also involving Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow starting on Monday, 11/28 with Supergirl!

The next episode is the 100th episode of Arrow and it airs on November 30. We don’t have any official promo images for “Invasion!” yet but an official description can be found here.

Here’s what aired on The CW tonight — or at least something like it. We’re on the West Coast so we’re not 100% sure what was seen. If you just finished tonight’s Arrow and want to talk about it with other fans, swing by our Arrow forum!

Craig Byrne

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