New CW Video: “When Quentin Met Siren” New CW Video: “When Quentin Met Siren”
The CW revisits the first meeting between Quentin Lance and the Black Siren. New CW Video: “When Quentin Met Siren”

In a new video released today by The CW, there’s a look back at the first meeting of Quentin Lance and the Black Siren, with some interview commentary involving Katie Cassidy as a bonus.

“When Paul [Blackthorne] and I read that scene and then on the day when we were about to shoot it, it’s a really interesting dynamic because we’ve worked together for so long and had this relationship as father and daughter, and then to come in to a scene as a completely different character, we were both a little hesitant and confused,” Katie Cassidy explains.

Ultimately, that different dynamic helped the actors with their performance. We can expect to see the two characters interacting again in Arrow Season 6, premiering October 12 on The CW… that is, assuming both of them made it off of Lian Yu. Photos from the season premiere can be found here.

Craig Byrne

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