Marc Guggenheim has shared some Black Canary Memorial production art for Arrow Season 6. Guggenheim Shares Arrow Season 6 Production Art

Just like Arrow Season 5 started with a memorial for Black Canary, so, too, does Season 6.

Now, after the destruction of the very public display, there’s a “Black Canary Memorial Display,” we’re assuming in the Arrow lair and base of operations. The question we all have next is who’s going to wear it (assuming they survive?) Juliana Harkavy’s Dinah Drake… or Katie Cassidy’s Black Siren?

In any event Season 6 begins October 12 on The CW… so chances are good we’ll get the answers to those questions then. Both Juliana Harkavy and Katie Cassidy have been announced as series regulars, so we’re hopeful it’ll be at least one of them.

Craig Byrne

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  • Cde

    June 23, 2017 #1 Author

    I really do hope we get to see Juliana wear the canary suit (or maybe a much better version of it). She has been a fantastic addition to the show and I hope they don’t get rid of her just to make Black Siren into the Black canary. I did not know I would like Dinah as much as I did and thats mostly thanks to Juliana Harkavy. I hope we get a Dinah-centric episode, since she is the character that needs the most developing.


  • Delaney

    June 24, 2017 #2 Author

    Well there is a picture of Tuna in her own suit floating around today so I doubt she’ll be wearing this one. Anyway I don’t expect this one to last long. Look what they did to Laurel’s last memorial. Had her doppelgänger destroy it after bad mouthing Laurel the whole episode.


    • Briggs

      July 2, 2017 #3 Author

      Given the rousing thumbs down most of the fandom gave the statue (it really was horrible, and looked nothing like her), I think it was meta so we’d stop complaining about it.


  • Bj Lewis

    June 26, 2017 #4 Author

    Much as I hate KC in the role of the Black Canary, no actor should ever have to wear that costume. Ever. It’s horrible.


  • Pam R

    June 27, 2017 #5 Author

    I am still hoping Laurel Lance returns as the “Black Canary”, NOT Siren. Team Arrow needs the original-,good Canary to team up with Dinah.,not the Siren. This character is too dark for Team Arrow. I Hated Katie Cassidy as the Black Siren!.


    • Briggs

      July 2, 2017 #6 Author

      And there are those of us who actually think Katie did a much better job as Siren, given she’s at her best when she’s allowed to be the bad girl. Besides, it’s more in line with comic canon, this way, and this has excited many of her fans…


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