Dr. Brion Markov: What On Earth Is He Doing On Arrow? Dr. Brion Markov: What On Earth Is He Doing On Arrow?
Brion Markov, also known as Geo-Force, will appear on Arrow. Dr. Brion Markov: What On Earth Is He Doing On Arrow?

229050In the pages of DC Comics, Brion Markov is a prince from the country of, well, Markovia… maybe not the most creative name for a country, but we’ll go with it. He first appeared in the series of Batman And The Outsiders as a character capable of controlling the gravity of objects, with powers that are tied to the Earth. He uses the code name “Geo-Force” within the comic books, and his additional powers include strength and Earth-manipulating abilities, among other things.

If you’re familiar with the Teen Titans character “Terra,” her powers are similar… she’s actually Brion’s half-sister in the comics. Brion Markov has also had some interesting stories in the comics also involving Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke… a character who’s had some bad influence on Terra, so it really all comes together.

The official description for “Darkness On The Edge Of Town” revealed that Brion is coming on to Arrow, played by actor Eric Floyd… but what his he doing?

Here’s a hint from Mr. Stephen Amell from today’s press conference:

“We get the explanation as to what Dr. Markov’s purpose is in Episode 21, and then the realization of who he is is pretty immediate in Episode 22,” Stephen hints, “so immediate that I really can’t say anything.”

Sounds pretty Earth-shaking to us.

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