Caity Lotz Returning To Arrow For “Lost Canary” Caity Lotz Returning To Arrow For “Lost Canary”
Caity Lotz's return to Arrow has been confirmed by an Instagram post by Katie Cassidy. Caity Lotz Returning To Arrow For “Lost Canary”

Sara Lance as played by Caity Lotz will be returning for the upcoming Arrow episode “Lost Canary.”

Katie Cassidy Rodgers posted a photo on Instagram of herself, Caity Lotz, and Juliana Harkavy on a break from filming the “Birds of Prey”-inspired episode, labeling the photo with a “Girls Rule!”

Caity Lotz was, of course, the Arrowverse’s first Canary, making her debut in Arrow Season 2. Katie Cassidy Rodgers became the second Canary on Earth-1 in Season 3 and died during the show’s fourth season. Juliana Harkavy’s Black Canary was #3 and she first appeared in Season 5.

Then, in a twist of dimensional travel, Earth-2’s Laurel, the Black Siren, came here, exhibiting powers just like a few other Canaries. So, when are we getting our Two and a Half Canaries show?

Look for “Lost Canary” later this season, most likely in April.

Craig Byrne

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