Arrow Video: “Inside: Honor Thy Fathers” Arrow Video: “Inside: Honor Thy Fathers”
CW video previewing the Arrow episode "Honor Thy Fathers" Arrow Video: “Inside: Honor Thy Fathers”

“Honor Thy Fathers” is the title of Wednesday night’s new episode of Arrow, and The CW has released an “Inside” video of Executive Producer Wendy Mericle previewing the episode, complete with a bunch of clips.

Look for the episode on May 10.

Best of all: THEA’S BACK!

You can see the clip below. Since they say “a 15 year old corpse,” and considering Oliver’s comments to Thea, we can assume that the dead body is not Robert Queen, but rather someone that Robert himself wronged. (If you think we could be wrong, leave some comments!)

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Craig Byrne

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