Arrow Spoiler: Laurel’s Season 2 Job Confirmed Arrow Spoiler: Laurel’s Season 2 Job Confirmed
Laurel's new job for Arrow Season 2 has been revealed. Arrow Spoiler: Laurel’s Season 2 Job Confirmed

SalvationWe’d known from interviews and such that Katie Cassidy’s character of Laurel Lance will have a new job as we go into Arrow Season 2, since CNRI is gone and all.

But what we didn’t know is what that new job would be.

Fortunately, Natalie Abrams from TV Guide went to one of the show’s Executive Producers, Andrew Kreisberg, and got the scoop. From this week’s TV Guide Mega Buzz:

“This season Laurel is going to be joining the District Attorney’s office, so she might have dealings with [the trial],” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells me. “Part of it is that she’s trying to stay out of it as much as she can, but as always with these things, bad stuff happens.”

And there you have it! For more on Season 2 visit our Spoilers page!

Craig Byrne

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