An Arrow Fan Favorite Makes A Surprise Return An Arrow Fan Favorite Makes A Surprise Return
A major Arrow character returned in the episode "Thanksgiving." An Arrow Fan Favorite Makes A Surprise Return

Warning: If you haven’t seen the Arrow episode “Thanksgiving” yet you will be spoiled by reading this article, and that is not something to be thankful for.

Not hinted in the episode description or preview images for the episode, Arrow’s “Thanksgiving” featured an appearance by a character we haven’t seen in a little while.

Willa Holland‘s Thea Queen, not seen since the Season 6 premiere, finally woke from her coma — a Thanksgiving miracle in all the madness that Team Arrow is currently dealing with.

When will we see her again beyond “Thanksgiving?” It doesn’t appear that she’s in the four-show DC crossover that begins on November 27, though we wouldn’t be shocked if she shows up for something big that may happen in the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow chapter.

“I don’t think it’s a big reveal to suggest that series regulars, when they are in comas, tend to wake up eventually,” Stephen Amell said to us on set a few weeks ago.

“I can’t really tease a ton of that. But, assuming that Willa is back at a certain point, I think that there’s some interesting things we can do for her character. I know I had an idea that I pitched today, actually,” he continued.

In the meantime, watch GreenArrowTV’s Arrow spoilers page for updates on when or if we might hear anything about more Thea. In any event, welcome back, Willa!

Craig Byrne

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