When Green Arrow Met Superman When Green Arrow Met Superman
Stephen Amell ran into TV's new Superman, Tyler Hoechlin, and took a photo with him. When Green Arrow Met Superman

Stephen Amell went for a walk with his daughter yesterday afternoon and ran into a certain Man of Steel.

Tyler Hoechlin will be playing Superman on Supergirl, and in this photo, we’ll see that he and the man who brings us the Green Arrow had a surprise encounter.

Supergirl moves to The CW this Fall, and if you want the latest news on that show, GreenArrowTV-style, visit KryptonSite. (The site is also on Twitter!)

This is Stephen Amell’s third Super-encounter. In 2012, Stephen posted a photo with Henry Cavill; and, of course, former Superman Brandon Routh has been on Arrow and now stars on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Craig Byrne

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