What DC Character Would Marc Guggenheim Like To See On Arrow? What DC Character Would Marc Guggenheim Like To See On Arrow?
Marc Guggenheim talks about a Justice Leaguer he'd like to see on Arrow What DC Character Would Marc Guggenheim Like To See On Arrow?

The Hollywood Reporter just did an awesome back-and-forth Q&A between Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim on the DC side, talking to Executive Producers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas of Marvel’s Agent Carter, which premieres tomorrow night. (Spoiler alert: Guggenheim and Butters are married, making a Marvel vs. DC family.)

You can read the whole piece at their website, and it’s worth reading because it’s a lot of fun.

Also fun was Guggenheim’s last answer, when he was asked about what members of the Justice League he’d like to get together, including the one that he “doesn’t think will be happening anytime soon. Here’s what he said:

At the end of the day it’d be so awesome to have Batman on the show. That’d be really cool. I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon, but you never know…one day. One thing we’re always saying…we never expected to have had the Huntress [Jessica De Gouw], Deathstroke [Manu Bennett] or Deadshot [Michael Rowe]; we ended up with a lot more DC Comics characters becoming part of the show than we had ever planned. It wasn’t initially part of the pitch or the conception of the show. Now here we are in our third season and we’ve Flash [Grant Gustin] and the Suicide Squad and we’re going to have Katana and we have Ray Palmer [Brandon Routh], and it seems like you could field an entire show off the characters that we have introduced on Arrow. That’s so beyond anything we expected. That’s a long-winded way of saying I’ve learned not to expect anything or make any predictions because the reality has far exceeded any of our initial predictions or initial conceptions.

The topic of a crossover with Supergirl also entered the conversation, by the way, with Guggenheim saying only that “it’s possible.” Also note that above, he confirmed that they are going to have Katana, which is probably to be expected since we’ve seen her alter ego already.

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