TNT Is Showing Arrow Reruns This Weekend TNT Is Showing Arrow Reruns This Weekend
TNT will be repeating all of Arrow Season 1 as well as the Season 2 premiere. TNT Is Showing Arrow Reruns This Weekend

The TNT cable network wants to introduce audiences to Arrow starting on October 1.

While it’s best to go for the Blu-rays, DVDs, or streaming… you can get a lot more watching in… hopefully, this will get some new viewers.

As best as we can figure, here’s the schedule (Eastern time zones). Right now, the schedule only goes through Tuesday Oct. 4; we’re not sure if that’s as far as things are going for now. All of Arrow Season 1 plus the Season 2 premiere seem to be represented.

arrowposterSaturday 10/1
11AM “Pilot”
12PM “Honor Thy Father”
1PM “Lone Gunmen”
2PM “An Innocent Man”
11PM “Damaged”

Sunday 10/2
12AM “Legacies”
1AM “Muse of Fire”
2AM “Vendetta”
11AM “Year’s End”
12PM “Burned”
1PM “Trust But Verify”
2PM “Vertigo”
11PM “Betrayal”

Monday 10/3
12AM “The Odyssey”
1AM “The Dodger”
2AM “Dead to Rights”
2PM “The Huntress Returns”
3PM “Salvation”
4PM “Unfinished Business”
5PM “Home Invasion”

Tuesday 10/4
1AM “The Undertaking”
2AM “Darkness on the Edge of Town”
3AM “Sacrifice”
4AM “City of Heroes”

After you watch these episodes, feel free to talk about them on the Arrow forum!

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