The Incomparable Donna Smoak Returns The Incomparable Donna Smoak Returns
Felicity's mom books another flight to Star City, and we all rejoice. The Incomparable Donna Smoak Returns

In an exclusive, TVLine reveals that Donna Smoak, the wonderfully chipper and fiercely protective mother of our lovable IT girl Felicity, will put in a return appearance to the freshly-renamed Star City in Season 4.

Though the episode title or any details have yet to be revealed, TVLine reports that fan favorite Charlotte Ross will appear in the sixth episode of the season.

Speculation is that the season will delve into the mystery behind Felicity’s long-absent father, acknowledged by daughter and wife to be some kind of criminal or unsavory character. (A current fan theory is that Neal McDonough’s season baddie, Damien Darhk, might just be the one to owe Felicity a big backlog of Hanukkah cards.) If that’s the case, having Mama Smoak around makes a great deal of sense.

Whatever the story, a chance to have the colorful and sunny cocktail waitress around again is a welcome treat for the fans.

Matt Tucker Editor/Senior Writer/Reviewer

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