Is It Time To Move On From “Team Arrow?”

Has “Team Arrow” run its course?

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Why Laurel Died and Why Did Laurel Have to Die?

A view on the big loss in Arrow #4.18: “Eleven-Fifty-Nine”

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GATV Opinion: Is Arrow Running Out of Gas?

What’s become of Arrow Season 4?

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GATV Opinion: In Support of Laurel Lance
Laurel Lance is soon to follow in the footsteps of her sister and take up the mantle of her comic counterpart as Black Canary. Many are left scratching their heads at such a development, while others are downright disdainful. For me, this is an enticing development, even in as... Read more
Greg Berlanti Talks About Arrow Connections To The DC Movies (With Added Opinions From Us)

Greg Berlanti has talked about character permissions in the world of Arrow.

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Opinion: Why The Flash Is Perfect For The CW… And Arrow — Craig’s Take

GreenArrowTV webmaster Craig Byrne explores The Flash on Arrow and the potential for a spin-off.

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