David Ramsey & Marc Guggenheim Discuss The Arrow Finale’s Teases For John Diggle

David Ramsey and Marc Guggenheim discuss John Diggle’s future – be warned of spoilers for the Arrow series finale within.

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The Arrow Finale Will Feature A Green Lantern Tease For John Diggle

The final episode of Arrow may have a Green Lantern tease for David Ramsey’s John Diggle character.

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Arrow “Spartan” Preview Clip
The CW has released a preview clip from tonight’s (April 22) Arrow in which Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and John Diggle (David Ramsey) go to visit General Stewart (guest star Ernie Hudson), and clearly there’s something about the guy that makes John uncomfortable, which we will see in the... Read more
Arrow “Spartan” Photos Feature A Green Lantern Easter Egg

Preview images for the Arrow episode “Spartan” containing a Green Lantern Easter egg that may reference John Stewart

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Elseworlds Part 2 Referenced A Long-Standing Fan Theory

A long-standing fan theory about Green Lantern was referenced on the Elseworlds chapter of Arrow tonight.

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John Diggle Is Not Green Lantern John Stewart

Marc Guggenheim has confirmed that John Diggle is NOT Green Lantern John Stewart.

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