Stephen Amell: “Season 3 Is Going To Annihilate Season 2” Stephen Amell: “Season 3 Is Going To Annihilate Season 2”
Stephen Amell has strong words to say about Arrow Season 3. Stephen Amell: “Season 3 Is Going To Annihilate Season 2”

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 1.09.46 PMThrough his Facebook page, Stephen Amell has cemented himself as a very accessible, friendly person to his fans, with some honest talk and great words to say about the show. (For example: he refers to episodes 8 and 9 of this season as “the two best episodes the show has ever produced.”)

He also had some hype to say for Season 3, which is currently airing. Now, anyone who’s followed Stephen on Twitter or Facebook know he’s always been direct and blunt. So if he says these things, he must mean them. Reposted without permission – though you can and should follow his page for yourself (and GreenArrowTV while you’re at it!)

I was sure pretty early on that Season 2 was going to surpass Season 1 for a variety of reasons. Namely: You learn so much in the first season of a show, and it’d be foolish to think those lessons wouldn’t be applied. Plus, I knew about the addition of a soon to be struck by lightning fellow and the integration of iconic elements from the Green Arrow mythos as a way to up the villain ante / tie together the flashbacks and the present day for the first time.

So what happened? Season 2 was better.

Out of respect for the previous sentence, I’ve wanted to reserve judgement on Season 3 until I could see – at the very least – the first nine episodes. Well… I’ve seen them.

Season 3 is going to annihilate Season 2.

Craig Byrne

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