Stephen Amell Is Raising Money For Puerto Rico Stephen Amell Is Raising Money For Puerto Rico
Stephen Amell and his Nocking Point Wines are working to raise money to help the people of Puerto Rico. Stephen Amell Is Raising Money For Puerto Rico

As many know just by watching the news, the island of Puerto Rico was recently devastated by major hurricanes and there are still many people there without power, fresh water, or food.

Acting heroically as Oliver Queen might in the real world, Stephen Amell is doing a fundraiser in association with his Nocking Point Wines and LA Loves PR to support Unidos Por Puerto Rico (United For Puerto Rico).

Here’s the deal: Nocking Point has some overstock on certain 2-packs of their wines. Through October 14, if you order them through the Nocking Point website, you’ll get a discounted price, free shipping… and 100% of the profits from those sales will go to benefit United For Puerto Rico.

We know from past campaigns and his social media presence that fans have united behind Stephen in many of his endeavors, including his team raising money to help affected people after the storm in Houston, so hopefully this will bring a sell-out and United For Puerto Rico will end up with a hefty donation.

You can get your Nocking Point Wines here (you must be age 21 or over to order).

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