Stephen Amell Interviewed At IGN About Arrow Stephen Amell Interviewed At IGN About Arrow
Stephen Amell is interviewed about playing Oliver Queen on Arrow Stephen Amell Interviewed At IGN About Arrow today posted a new interview with Stephen Amell about The CW’s new Green Arrow series, Arrow, and of course some interesting tidbits came out within. You can find the entire interview with quotes from Amell at IGN. Here are some highlights:

– Amell said they tried to make Oliver Queen “as real as possible,” and that director David Nutter tried to find the humanity in Oliver Queen much in the same way that he found the humanity in Clark Kent eleven years ago when he shot the Smallville pilot.

– We will see flashbacks between times past, when Oliver was a bit of a brash jerk, and the present day.

– Amell thinks Geoff Johns might end up writing an episode of Arrow eventually. As for other heroes from the DC Comics library? “It would be unfortunate if, being a comic book show, we didn’t draw from all the characters in the DC Universe. I hope we do,” Amell said. He also thinks that, regardless of if fishnets are involved or not, Katie Cassidy “deserves to be a superhero at some point.”

Read the entire interview with Stephen Amell – complete with more quotes – at IGN.

Craig Byrne

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