Jamey Sheridan (Robert Queen) is at the table read for the 100th episode of Arrow. Robert Queen Is In Arrow Episode 100! But How?

Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim tonight posted a photo from the 100th episode table read. Some familiar faces, including Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, Rick Gonzalez, and Echo Kellum are there. We think that’s Joe Dinicol in there too, but without his L.A. Complex glasses, so we’re not so sre.

But wait… there with them… is that… Robert Queen, aka actor Jamey Sheridan, from the Arrow pilot?

Marc Guggenheim says that the photo represents “no Flashpoint” and “no flashbacks.” So, our money’s on time travel or us meeting the Earth-2 Green Arrow somehow. (See The Flash to know what that’s all about).

Or… is he Prometheus?


Arrow Season 5 begins October 5. Episode 100 will air later this year. Any guesses are welcome below.

Craig Byrne

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