Redemption For Black Siren In Arrow Season 6? Redemption For Black Siren In Arrow Season 6?
Could Katie Cassidy's Black Siren find redemption in Arrow Season 6? Redemption For Black Siren In Arrow Season 6?

Now that the Laurel Lance of Earth-2, a.k.a. Black Siren, is back in the mix with Katie Cassidy as a series regular in Arrow Season 6, could there be redemption for her?

This week’s Ask Ausiello column at TV Line addresses that specific issue by asking Executive Producer Wendy Mericle.

“I don’t know if there’s any question about whether or not the [idea] of redemption will come up; it has to,” co-Mericle told TV Line. “Her father is there. Oliver is there. Everyone is going to be asking whether or not it’s possible to find a little piece of Laurel, the Laurel Lance they knew and loved, in there somewhere.”

With that said, Mericle tells TV Line that she thinks Black Siren is “badass” and “interesting as a villain.”

(Also, Quentin is alive, apparently!)

Additionally, the TV Line column reveals that Oliver’s insistence that no one shall no his secret is far from over, and that a curious FBI agent will be watching this season.

You can read the full Ask Ausiello column here. Arrow Season 6 premieres on Thursday, October 12 on The CW.

Craig Byrne

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