Raisa the Maid Returns In Arrow Season 6 Raisa the Maid Returns In Arrow Season 6
In an interview from Comic-Con, Marc Guggenheim tells us that long-lost Arrow character from Season 1, Raisa the Maid, returns in the sixth season. Raisa the Maid Returns In Arrow Season 6

We had announced it on our Twitter feed but didn’t really get a chance to write an article about it – the very, very big news to come from this weekend’s Comic-Con International in San Diego — Raisa the Maid, as played by Kathleen Gati, will be back in Arrow Season 6!

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim did the confirming, telling us in a Joe Isuzu-like fashion that she’s the Big Bad of the year. (Not really.) She’s out on parole after her shoplifting conviction. (Also a joke.) But really, yes, Raisa is coming back, and the producers “couldn’t be more thrilled.”

“It just makes perfect sense given the story that we’re telling,” Guggenheim says, pointing out how Raisa has become a fan-favorite character. She’s totally going to help raise William after his mom Samantha… well, we can imagine what happens to his mother, right? (Boom.)

You can watch Marc Guggenheim’s interview from the Arrow Comic-Con press room below.

Craig Byrne

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