No New Arrow On November 12 No New Arrow On November 12
Arrow is a repeat on November 12, but GreenArrowTV has a trailer for the next new episode "Prochnost" No New Arrow On November 12

Why isn’t Arrow on tonight?

Well, it is on tonight; it’s just a repeat of the season premiere “Starling City.” If you missed it, you should give it a watch.

Here at GreenArrowTV we can’t exactly say why The Flash and Arrow chose November 12 of all times to show a rerun, but it might have something to do with wanting less rerun time before Crisis on Infinite Earths starts on December 8.

However, if you want to see what happens next, the November 19 episode is called “Prochnost” and features the return of Colton Haynes to the series. You can see pictures from that episode here. The CW has also released a trailer which you can see below.

If you’re bored during this hiatus, come talk about Arrow on our discussion forum for the show!

Craig Byrne

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