No Cat Grant In The Arrow Pilot No Cat Grant In The Arrow Pilot
Cat Grant won't be appearing in the Arrow pilot. No Cat Grant In The Arrow Pilot

A few months ago, there was talk that the DC Comics character Cat Grant, who has appeared in animation like Young Justice and in live action on Lois & Clark (played by Tracy Scoggins) and Smallville (with Keri Lynn Pratt and Emilie Ullerup in the role), would be making an appearance in The CW’s Arrow pilot.

Now that we’ve seen the pilot, we can confirm that the scene, which was at least in earlier drafts of the script, has been changed; rather than Cat Grant, another reporter makes the TV announcement that Oliver Queen is alive.

There is at least what appears to be a visual reference or hint to another DC character within the opening minutes of Arrow, which will hopefully lead to something more later in the series… but for now, Arrow appears to be a Cat Grant-free zone.

Craig Byrne

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