Is Felicity’s Father Damien Darhk? Is Felicity’s Father Damien Darhk?
Arrow Executive Producer Wendy Mericle gives the truth about Felicity's relation to Damien Darhk. Is Felicity’s Father Damien Darhk?

A long-standing Arrow speculation is that Damien Darhk may be the long-lost father of Felicity Smoak. Today, posted some quotes from an interview with Executive Producer Wendy Mericle that answers for sure if Felicity has a Darhk side.

“Unfortunately, no. Damien Darhk is not her father. That’s a great theory,” Mericle told the website. “That’s a great idea, but no, he is not. We are going to bring her father in. He will definitely be evil. He’s going to be up to no good, but it’s not going to be Damien, unfortunately.”

So, no, Damien Darhk is NOT Felicity’s dad.

You can read the full text of her comments at

What do you think? Glad it’s someone else? Or were you hoping for this year’s ultimate baddie to be Felicity’s dad? Leave your comments below!

Craig Byrne

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