Interviews: Colin Donnell & Willa Holland Preview The Thea/Tommy Interaction In “Legacies” Interviews: Colin Donnell & Willa Holland Preview The Thea/Tommy Interaction In “Legacies”
Interviews with Arrow's Colin Donnell and Willa Holland Interviews: Colin Donnell & Willa Holland Preview The Thea/Tommy Interaction In “Legacies”

A few weeks ago, we visited the Vancouver, BC sets of Arrow in anticipation of the series launch. Now we’re several weeks in, still with some quotes left unshared, so we thought we’d share come bits from Colin Donnell (Tommy) and Willa Holland (Thea) in tonight’s episode, “Legacies.” As we saw in the preview clip, the two characters get to interact a bit this week.

“I have a very nice few scenes with Tommy,” Willa reveals about her role in “Legacies.” “There’s a nice little arc between us. A little relationship spark, to say the least. It’s gonna be interesting. You guys enjoy that one.”

Is Thea going to be getting in the way of what’s going on with Tommy and Laurel, perhaps going up against Laurel for his affections? “Not against Laurel by any means. I mean, maybe in her own mind,” she says.

The other half of that equation, Colin Donnell, is a bit more realistic about the current situation for the characters. “Aside from the fact that I point out the fact that she’s gotten really hot in the past five years, Tommy looks at Thea as a little sister. They grew up together in the same way that she and her brother did. So there is some really interesting stuff — it goes back to seeing the good side of what Tommy is. I think people are going to be interested in seeing the relationship develop between the two of them — in one way or another,” he says.

For now, though, Tommy’s top priority as far as females go is Laurel. “You see Tommy trying to develop the relationship in a way that he’s not used to. So there’s a lot of fun things that happen. You see him go back and forth really. There’s been a lot of fun stuff to play. I’m trying to be as delicate as I can, but there’s some wonderful stuff that happens between Laurel and Tommy and I think it will be fun for people to see where things may or may not go as far as their relationship is growing or not growing,” Colin says.

Arrow is new tonight at 8PM (ET) on The CW and at 7PM on CTV in Canada. See some preview images!

DISCLAIMER: Hotel and travel arrangements for our Vancouver trip were provided by Warner Bros. Television.

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