Green Arrow and the Canaries Takes Place In 2040 Green Arrow and the Canaries Takes Place In 2040
Marc Guggenheim has seemingly confirmed that the Arrow spinoff Green Arrow and the Canaries will take place in the year 2040. Green Arrow and the Canaries Takes Place In 2040

Answering a question posed by a fan about the Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff backdoor pilot which does not feature Stephen Amell, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has apparently given away confirmation that the backdoor pilot takes place in 2040.

“The #Arrow spinoff takes place in 2040. We already spoiled that Oliver is dead by that time, so his not appearing in Arrow 809 (the spinoff episode) isn’t affected by what happens in Crisis (or, for that matter, the series finale),” Guggenheim Tweeted.

Some (including us!) had speculated that Mia Smoak would stay in present day and team up with still-young Canaries Dinah and Laurel in 2020. Maybe they’re the ones who are “livin’ in the future?”

Either way, the episode will air one week after Crisis on Infinite Earths and if it does well, it will lead to a series starring Katherine McNamara, Juliana Harkavy, and Katie Cassidy. You can see Guggenheim’s Tweet below.


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  • M

    November 19, 2019 #2 Author

    This is a bad sign already. Unless the do something different and not a repeat of what Arrow did for a while and give the main antagonist a better motive and plan that actually makes sense then Idk if I can see this doing well. The crew of Arrow need to do something different and not just change the lead characters. Maybe it would help if Guggenfr wasn’t a part of it. I would much rather continue to see what’s going on in the final season at this point then ever have to sit through the torture of the state of the future of the city that makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Don’t f**k this up guys. Please.


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