Get The Arrow Comic Book – Digitally – For Free! Get The Arrow Comic Book – Digitally – For Free!
The Arrow tie-in comic is now available online. Get The Arrow Comic Book – Digitally – For Free!

If you missed the Arrow promotional comic book – taking place between Episodes 1 and 2 of Arrow – as it was given away at Comic-Con, you still can have a chance to read it.

DC Entertainment has put it online, digitally, and for free.

Written by show creators and producers and featuring a cover by legendary Green Arrow artist Mike Grell, this is a fantastic addition to your Arrow stash. This is the official description:

Billionaire bad-boy Oliver Queen has returned to Starling City! Five years on a deserted island has changed his focus from partying and hot women to crime-fighting and cold justice. He’s putting his archery talents to good use as the newest super hero on the CW this fall, and in this comic by Geoff Johns and the show’s producers: ARROW!

Here is the link for where you can legally get a hold of it.

Craig Byrne

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