“Deathstroke Returns” In Arrow Episode #6.5 “Deathstroke Returns” In Arrow Episode #6.5
The fifth episode of Arrow Season 6 is called "Deathstroke Returns." “Deathstroke Returns” In Arrow Episode #6.5

The title of the fifth episode of Arrow Season 6 is bound to excite some people — the episode is called “Deathstroke Returns.” The title page was shared by Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim on Twitter this morning.

“I’m posting this one early because it’s Friday. Also, I’m worried the title might be too subtle,” Guggenheim Tweeted, tagging Manu Bennett in the tweet.

“Deathstroke Returns” is written by Ben Sokolowski and Sprio Skentzos; directing the episode is Joel Novoa.

You can see the title page of the script below. A story involving Slade Wilson’s past is planned for Season 6; perhaps this is the episode in which it happens.

Craig Byrne

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