Colin Donnell Talks “Tommy Merlyn” With Colin Donnell Talks “Tommy Merlyn” With
The actor playing Tommy Merlyn in Arrow has been interviewed by Colin Donnell Talks “Tommy Merlyn” With

Colin Donnell (Tommy Merlyn) is back in New York to resume his role as Billy Crocker in Broadway’s Anything Goes, and caught up with the actor who talked a little bit about Merlyn and his pimped-out ride.

“[Arrow] is very real, very grounded,” Colin told the site. “[It’s] not just comic book-y. It’s a mixture of Batman Begins meets Jason Bourne from The Bourne Identity.” With all that action, did Colin get to do anything exciting and dangerous himself? “No,” he laughed. “But I got to lie on a wooden pallet while Stephen Amell did all that stuff, so that was pretty cool.”

Donnell’s character Tommy Merlyn did, however, get to cruise Vancouver in a $500,000 car. “[Merlyn] is a billionaire playboy, bad-boy kinda guy,” Donnell told the site. “I’m kind of a car guy, and I read in the script that he [gets] out of a Mercedes McLaren. I was like, ‘This is gonna be awesome.’” He didn’t get to drive the car, but even being IN the car was exciting “Even sitting in that thing is awesome!” he exclaimed.

The article mentions what GreenArrowTV has already told you – the decision on more Arrow doesn’t come until late May. If it goes to series, Colin and the others should be back to Vancouver in July.

You can read the entire interview here.

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