Arrow’s Sea Shimooka Is An “Olicity” Fan Arrow’s Sea Shimooka Is An “Olicity” Fan
Arrow newcomer Sea Shimooka has declared her love for the "Olicity" relationship. Arrow’s Sea Shimooka Is An “Olicity” Fan

One of Arrow’s newcomers has let her loyalty be known to one of the series’ defining “ships.”

Sea Shimooka who plays Oliver’s half-sister Emiko Queen, the new Green Arrow, tweeted a photo last night declaring her fandom for the couple.

“The first time I saw @StephenAmell and @EmilyBett together on set was during filming of ep 10 and I told them I was an #Olicity fan and watched all of their takes before filming mine,” she Tweeted before including the hashtag “#Arrow.”

You can see the Tweet below. More will be learned about Emiko in next week’s episode of the series which is called “Past Sins”see a trailer and photos here!

Craig Byrne

Craig Byrne has been writing about TV on the internet since 1995. He is also the author of several published books, including Smallville: The Visual Guide and the show's Official Companions for Seasons 4-7.

  • M

    January 23, 2019 #1 Author

    I thought Oliver and Fefe felt like an actual couple in the recent episode. First time in a quite a long time. What were the writers thinking?


  • MQLdr

    January 23, 2019 #2 Author

    So sad that new cast members feel compelled to pander to olicitiers to avoid the hate that will be sent their way if they don’t. Just wait until the character does something they don’t like or she likes a tweet they consider anti-olicity and she’s going to see how quickly her adoring new fans will turn on her.


    • Lyla

      January 29, 2019 #3 Author

      No-one would send her any hate if she was just neutral. Simply put, it looks like she reads the room well. Besides, being a young woman, there’s a big chance she does indeed like the couple. Chill out, please.


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