Arrow’s Marc Guggenheim Talks Black Siren Arrow’s Marc Guggenheim Talks Black Siren
Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim discussed the Black Siren's loyalties on Superhero Insider. Arrow’s Marc Guggenheim Talks Black Siren

Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim visited SiriusXM’s Superhero Insider from Entertainment Weekly earlier today, and in it, he discussed many aspects of the recently-concluded Season 5, but very interestingly, he mentioned that there was a debate on which side the Black Siren (Katie Cassidy’s character, the Laurel of Earth-2) would be on at the end of Arrow Season 5.

“Black Siren went back and forth,” Guggenheim said on today’s show. “We had discussions about whether or not she should be allied with Chase at the end, or allied with Oliver at the end, albeit begrudgingly. We went back and forth and debated the pros and cons of it, and we really felt that true to Evil Laurel’s character, she wouldn’t help Oliver out in this circumstance. It would make more sense that she would be aligned with Chase, who she actually has to thank for her freedom for getting out of the pipeline where she was being held captive on Flash. It also gave us more interesting places to go with her character in Season 6.”

EW’s Natalie Abrams asked Guggenheim if it was fun to play with a Laurel character in a very different capacity.

“For us, it was really simple,” Marc said. “When Katie came back to be Black Siren in 510, we watched the cut of 510 and we were so excited about this iteration of Laurel. Katie just crushed it. I think it shows how much fun Katie is having playing this version of Laurel. We did what we always do, which is if something’s really working on the screen, we find a way to write towards it.”

You can listen to the entire show below.

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