Arrow: The “Undertaking” Easter Egg That No One Seemed To Catch Arrow: The “Undertaking” Easter Egg That No One Seemed To Catch
Arrow slipped a stealth DCU reference into the episode The Undertaking. Arrow: The “Undertaking” Easter Egg That No One Seemed To Catch

The Arrow episode “The Undertaking” just aired on the East Coast, and fans of the show caught a few references to the DC Comics universe within.

geoforce2Be warned SPOILERS for the episode are discussed within this post.

The earth-shattering device that Malcolm Merlyn wants to employ, the “Markov device,” is a reference to Brion Markov, the Earth-manipulator known as Geo-Force.

“Ted Kord” is better known to comic book fans as the second Blue Beetle. If Andrew Kreisberg’s Booster Gold TV series ever still happens, we’re hoping he exists in Booster’s world as well.

Walter Steele is being held in Bludhaven, longtime home of Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing, who desperately needs a TV series of his own.

Showcase_34But that’s not the stealth reference that they tried to sneak past us.

In the “five years ago” flashback where Oliver brings a pizza, Laurel is talking about their friends “Ray and Jean” who recently moved in together.

Do the names sound familiar?

We’re pretty sure she’s talking about Ray Palmer, a.k.a. Justice League member The Atom. Jean Loring was his girlfriend, wife, and later psychotic ex.

It’s references like these that make Arrow awesome. Did you catch others? Leave some comments below!

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