Arrow: The Season 5 Sizzle Reel Is Here! Arrow: The Season 5 Sizzle Reel Is Here!
Preview trailer for Season 5 of the Arrow television series. Arrow: The Season 5 Sizzle Reel Is Here!

A preview of Arrow Season 5 was shown this afternoon at the panel for the show at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, and those who like action will be in luck, because there’s a lot of it, in clips from the opening episodes which are directed by James Bamford.

We see “Wild Dog’s” alter ego, now called Rene Ramirez as played by Rick Gonzalez… not a whole lot of “Olicity,” though a team of vigilantes is being assembled and Felicity has a hand in all of that, and we see Team Arrow members Diggle and Speedy within the clips, as well as Curtis Holt (new regular cast member Echo Kellum) joining the team… and who’s that guy at the end of the preview? An Arrow copycat? A Vigilante? Hmm. AND RUSSIA! Anatoly!!!

Arrow Season 5 looks great. You can see the promo trailer below.

Craig Byrne

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