Arrow Season Premiere: Who Lived? Who Died? Arrow Season Premiere: Who Lived? Who Died?
GreenArrowTV details who lived and who died in the Arrow Season 6 premiere. Arrow Season Premiere: Who Lived? Who Died?

The sixth season premiere of Arrow has now aired on The CW, and the big question from those who may not have seen it yet is: Who made it? Who didn’t? Who lived and who died?

Fortunately, we have some answers, though of course, be aware of spoilers for this year’s excellent Arrow season premiere.

Oliver Queen: Alive. He wasn’t on the island when it went boom.

William Clayton: Alive. Oliver’s son, also on the island. He’s afraid of the Batman, though… we mean, the bad man.

Adrian Chase: Dead. Killed himself in the episode “Lian Yu.”

John Diggle: Alive. But apparently very affected by what happened on the island which is affecting his present day performance.

Felicity Smoak: Alive.

Black Siren: Alive. Though Quentin and Dinah thought that the Earth-2 version of Dinah Laurel Lance died on the island; we see that she didn’t, and a mysterious visitor in a helicopter helped to bring her back.

Dinah Drake: Alive. And the Black Canary has a new costume!

Wild Dog/Rene Ramirez: Alive. With a new suit!

Curtis Holt: Alive.

Samatha Clayton: Dead. As a doornail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, but do go over to Shadowhunters.

Thea Queen: Comatose. Well there’s a way to have her in a limited number of episodes this year! It’s possible that Roy Harper’s return has something to do with this.

Slade Wilson. Alive. And looking for his son Joe. Will be back in “Deathstroke Returns.”

Malcolm Merlyn: Supposedly Dead. But we never did see a body, and he is The Magician!

Nyssa al Ghul: Fate Unknown.

Talia al Ghul: Fate Unknown.

Captain Boomerang: Fate Unknown.

Evelyn Sharp: Fate Unknown.

Sara Diggle: Still nonexistent. Thanks, Barry! >-(

Raisa the Maid: Alive. And back on Arrow!

Oliver’s Secret Identity: Dead, maybe?

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