Arrow Season 6 Episode Title Updates Arrow Season 6 Episode Title Updates
Titles for upcoming episodes of Arrow have been updated. Arrow Season 6 Episode Title Updates

Some updates to upcoming episode titles for Arrow:

The 18th episode of Arrow Season 6, originally thought to be called “Back to the Basics,” is now officially called “Fundamentals.” You can read a description for that episode here; the episode airs on April 12.

Episode #6.19 was originally known as “Enter the Dragon;” the episode is now just called “The Dragon.”

Finally, the 20th episode of Arrow Season 6 is called “Shifting Allegiances.” No idea on what that one is about, but maybe it means that Black Siren will be teaming with the good guys? Or could someone from either New Team Arrow or Old Team Arrow be going to another side?

Episode #6.21 is called — and boy, this is going to be hard to remember: “Docket No. 11-19-41-73.” Finally, #6.22 — the annual Springsteen title — is “The Ties That Bind.”

A title for the season finale has not yet been revealed.

Arrow returns this Thursday with a new episode called “The Thanatos Guild.”

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