Arrow Season 4 Premiere Spoilers: “Time Has Passed” Arrow Season 4 Premiere Spoilers: “Time Has Passed”
Stephen Amell answers some Arrow Season 4 premiere questions in a new Q&A. Arrow Season 4 Premiere Spoilers: “Time Has Passed”

Stephen Amell recently did another of his famous Facebook Q&A’s.

He started with some baseball talk, and then went to the Q&A portion, were he talked about where Season 4 of Arrow will begin, timeline-wise.

“Time has passed,” Amell revealed. “Like the standard amount of time. Like, we go in real-time, like we normally do. So, about five or six months have passed since the finale.”

Did his jaw drop? “Yes. Twice,” he confirmed. “Both in Act… that’s too much. Twice, though, it did,” he said. “I [texted] Marc Guggenheim directly after reading the season four premiere with three or four very pointed questions. Which he answered. Mostly.”

Also on this video: Stephen says he’s not sure if he’ll make it to Comic-Con in July, because of the increasingly smaller amount of time between finishing TMNT2 and starting Arrow. But, he hopes to make it. He also reveals the first Arrow cast member that he ever met.

(Someone also asks if Diggle is becoming Green Lantern or Cyborg. Because being Diggle isn’t awesome enough?)

You can see video of his entire fan Q&A below. Enjoy:

Craig Byrne

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